Long Term
Curator - Forth - Ongoing
Resident - The Field - Ongoing
Cohort - School of the Damned - Ongoing
Studio Manager - One Thoresby Street - 2020-2022
Co-Curator - Four/Four - 2018-2021
Organiser - Whorling.net - 2020-2021

Curator - Sam Hutchinson, Vape Cloud Premonition, Forth, Nottingham, 07.07.23 (upcoming)
Group Exhibition - Between Different States, Bloc Projects, Sheffield, w/ School of the Damned, 11.05.23-27.05.23
Group Exhibition & Residency - If It Thunders on All Fool’s Day, Eastside Projects, Birmingham, 03.04.23-08.04.23
Guest Lecture - Kingston School of Art, 29.03.23
Workshop Facilitator - They Who Have A Why..., Nottingham Trent University 21.03.23
Guest Lecture - Nottingham Trent University, 21.03.23
Reading - The Black Speech, Cheap Cheap, Birmingham, 03.03.23
Curator - Jack Kennedy, Social Agony Conscious Healing, Forth, Nottingham, 24.02.23-15.04.23
Solo Exhibition - Collective Hecatomb Decline Conjecture, Cheap Cheap, Birmingham, 03.02.23-25.03.23

Curator - Jocelyn McGregor, Vale, Forth, Nottingham, 08.12.22-28.01.23
Curator - Ella Fleck for Forth, The Manchester Contemporary, 04.11.22-06.11.22
Group Exhibition - WIP1, Birmingham School of Art, Birmingham, w/ School of the Damned, 27.09.22-02.10.22
Curator - Sean Roy Parker & Coleman Stewart, Screening as part of The House that Mum Built, Santos Road 32b, London, 10.09.22-17.09.22
Curator - Ella Fleck, Four Horsegirls of the Apocalypse, Forth, Nottingham, 16.09.22-19.11.22
Curator - Daniel Hopp, part of Summer Screen, Forth, Nottingham, 12.08.22-04.09.22
Curator - Julia Sjölin, 6, part of Summer Screen, Forth, Nottingham, 08.07.22-31.07.22
Co-organiser - One Thoresby Street Closing Party, Nottingham, 25.06.22
Project - I Was Born to Just Hang Out, June Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland, w/ DARP, 11.06.22-19.06.22
Group Exhibition - Not Happy, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham, 10.06.22-19.06.22
Screening - Flat Earth Film Festival, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, 30.04.22-02.05.22
Curator - Gabriella Davies, Blue Italian, Forth, Nottingham, 01.04.22-07.05.22

Residency - DARP, Shipley, Derbyshire, Ongoing
Curator - Daniel Hopp, Chloe Langlois & Shinhoo Yhi, FEAST, performance, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham, 19.11.21
Group Exhibition - Two Queens Members Show, Two Queens, Leicester, 12-27.11.21
Curator - Daniel Hopp, Chloe Langlois & Shinhoo Yhi, SOBJECTS, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham, 05.11.21-19.11.21
Curator - Ali Lotz, Through the Forest of Denial, Forth, Nottingham, 23.09.21-30.10.21
Curator - Ellen Angus, Crawling in an Exaggerated Manner, performance, Four/Four, Nottingham, 03.07.21
Curator - Ellen Angus, Cater 2 U, Four/Four, Nottingham, 11.06.21-10.07.21
Group Exhibition - International House of Grot, Nottingham, 2021-2022

Curator - Why I Brought You Here, online screening w/ Michaela Cullen, Monika Janulevičiūtė & Antanas Lučiūnas and Tanoa Sasraku, Online, 09.11.20-20.12.20
Organiser - Interstitia Graduate Residency, One Thoresby Street, 11.20 - 01.21
Curator - Katharina Fitz, When Seams Become Audible, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham, 10.10.20-31.10.20
Organiser - Housekeeping Residency, Four/Four, Nottingham, 24.08.20-18.10.20
Organiser - Whorling.net, online platform, 2020-2021
Organiser - Christos Gkenoudis & Leomi Sadler, Soft Play Sanctuary, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham, 05.03.2020
Curator - Emily Stollery, Tangible Nothings and Momentary Happenings, Four/Four, Nottingham, 20.02.20-14.03.20
Duo Exhibition - When We Thought the Coast Was Clear, w/ Lisa Selby (@bluebaglife), One Thoresby Street, Nottingham, 30.01.20

Curator - We Might Never Reach You, screening, Four/Four x Kuhle Wampe at Nottingham Contemporary, 10.12.19
Organiser - Tranquility Base, party as part of Uncanny Christmas, Primary, Nottingham, 07.12.19
Curator - Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha, Untitled Score for Two Performers, performance, Four/Four, Nottingham, 14.11.19
Curator - Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha, As If Nobodys Watching, Four/Four, Nottingham, 08.10.19-16.11.19
Organiser - Thoresby Street Thursdays, Exhibition Series, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham, 19.09.19-05.03.20
Curator - Peter Eason Daniels, Rosa Klerkx & Allegra Salandini, A Billboard Facing a Wall, Four/Four, Nottingham, 22.08.19-14.08.19
Group Exhibition - Give Me Something to Hold On To, Ruis, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 09.05.19-05.06.19
Curator - Kate Frances Lingard & Rebecca Gill, I Lost Track of Information, Four/Four, Nottingham, 07.02.19-13.02.19
Curator - Catrin Morgan, *A Study, Four/Four, Nottingham, 10.01.19-31.01.19

Organiser - Prohibition Basement, party as part of Uncanny Christmas, Primary, Nottingham, 08.12.18
Organiser - A Close Tongue Keeps a Safe Head, performance by Fred and Friends, Four/Four, Nottingham, 22.11.18
Curator - Jawbone Jawbone, Passing Between Clouds and Under Rocks, 11.10.18-03.11.18
Organiser - Housewarming - A Broken Circle, Four/Four, Nottingham, 13.09.18